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Coach Training | Personal & Professional Development

You'll learn the latest and best techniques to work effectively with teen girls as they create social change. One-day session aimed at bringing Girl Action Teams to your community.  

Great for middle school, high school and college girl-centered clubs, groups and organizations: Private/Public Schools, Home Schoolers, After School Programs, Sports Teams, Summer Camps, Faith Based Organizations, Sororities.

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Richmond, Virginia • Jan 30th  

Mountain View, California • Jan 23rd 


  • The definition of social change vs. community service
  • How to teach girls about social change
  • How to move from charity to change
  • To identify the root cause of a problem, and to change the cause of an issue not the effects
  • How to prepare and work with girls as partners
  • How to give girls the opportunity to lead, think, ask questions and create
  • How to capitalize on your strengths to build an unstoppable team
  • How to start movements and implement projects that will impact your community by creating lasting and real change


A Letter from Girls For A Change New CEO: Angela W. Patton

Greetings all,

What a wonderful way to celebrate Labor Day, as the new CEO of Girls For A Change.  But I am constantly reminded that this is not a job (labor), this is my ‘spark’ (passion).  I thank the Board of Directors for this opportunity and for all the support, direction, and understanding they have provided me. I am fortunate to have come across quite a network of visionaries who are committed to working in a girls’ world. Their commitment inspires me every day to make sure that every girl has a chance to Dream Big and make a difference in the world for all.

At this time, I’d like to introduce myself to all the supporters and friends of Girls For A Change. I’m Angela Patton, founder of longtime GFAC partner Camp Diva (see my bio for more background information), and I have now been serving as the new CEO of GFAC for a few weeks. It is an honor to work with all of you, and lead Girls For A Change forward. In my joint capacities with Camp Diva and GFAC (Richmond Program Manager for GFAC) for the last four years, I have overseen the implementation of more efficient and diverse programs, and the development of new networks and audiences, and I look forward to my new role, which will allow me to further expedite these initiatives.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that Girls For A Change and Camp Diva will combine our shared vision and values for girls as we join forces to enrich and expand programs and services.  Separately, we are dynamic. Combined, we will be unimaginable.

While I have had the pleasure of spending some time with employees, supporters, and girls at GFAC throughout the last four years as the GFAC Richmond Regional Program Manager, I look forward to meeting more stakeholders from across the nation, and reconnecting with familiar colleagues as well. Since GFAC Co-Founder and former CEO Whitney Smith announced her resignation and asked you to welcome me as the new leader of GFAC, I have received many supportive emails from girls we have served, parents, colleagues, and allies, sharing words of encouragement and their aspirations to be and/or remain involved with GFAC and/or Camp Diva as we move forward.  Thank you all for your encouragement, connection, and willingness to continue to support the organizations’ new endeavors.

I stand committed to building on the strong foundation laid by Whitney and the GFAC team.  Furthermore, with the support of another new team member, Sandra Tripp, the new COO for GFAC, we are excited and ready to lead the organization into a new phase of development, focusing on serving more girls, strengthening and developing relationships, building a programmatic and financial foundation, developing more resources, and utilizing more aggressive marketing strategies to ensure future sustainability.

With your support, I am sure we can continue to make a difference in the lives of girls, and in the effectiveness of GFAC and Camp Diva, as we have in the past.  I invite you to join us by making a donation, volunteering your time, sharing your own vision, leveraging your network, or becoming a more effective activist in your own way. Your donations, large or small, and anyway you can become involved will be greatly appreciated!  And if you are new to one, or both of the organizations, I encourage you to read and learn about the wide range of services we offer girls at and

With best hope for the future,

Angela W. Patton
CEO, Girls For A Change

GFAC Mexico Update

Executive Director Caroline Wilson sends this update on a recent visit to a elder care facility by one of our GJC Baja Sur programs.

The Gente Joven group from the school Telesecundaria #34, in the colonia of Lazaro, completed their project by visiting the Senior Center Casa del Dia, by the Los Cabos International Airport. They raised money by selling ice cream to buy goods for the elders and gave them out as raffle prizes. They played music, danced and most importantly made the abuelos and abuelas feel important, by giving back what was so freely given to them...LOVE. They will return once a month for the next 5 months.

Checking out this amazing micro-documentary from Microsoft about Girls For A Change!