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  •    Girls For A Change connects teen girls with adult women coaches.
  •   From GFC, I learned that I can do ANYTHING as long as I put my mind to it.
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You're invited to the Celebrity Charity Dinner
honoring Actor Chad L. Coleman from AMC's series "The Walking Dead"

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Benefit for fifteen scholarships for our first Camp Diva International Summer Retreat, 2-week social change study aboard program in Brazil next year.

If you are interested in our sponsorship benefits or will like to submit an in-kind donation for our silent auction, please email Angela Patton at, or call us at 804-420-2267 for further instructions by November 25, 2014. For showing your support, we will ensure due recognition by thanking you and/or your business. 

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You will hear Jessica Smith,
Girls For A Change, GFaC, Program Trainer, discuss ways you can bring GFaC to your Community, and coach girls on Social Change. 

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Angela Patton captured the hearts and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of online viewers with a TED talk describing an unusual (and uplifting) father-daughter dance–between incarcerated dads and their young daughters. The dance was the fruit of a girl-led social-change project convened by a grassroots organization Patton began in Richmond, Va. Read More


Girls For A Change 4th Annual Girl Gala
Presented by U by Kotex


On Friday, March 7, 2014, GFC will host its 4th Annual Girl Gala, 5:30-10 p.m. at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club, 3000 Alexis Drive, Palo Alto, California, and we hope that you will join us

The gala is our signature fund raising event and this year’s goal is $75,000. These funds have a direct impact on our programs and services, which empower over 1,000 Bay Area girls a year. 

By attending you will have valued networking with other community-minded people, and the proud satisfaction of knowing your involvement will further the Girls for A Change mission to empower girls, ages 11-18, from low-income neighborhoods to engage with their communities by creating social change. Through the process of identifying, designing, and implementing girl-led solutions to challenges they face in their own neighborhoods, girls gain the voice, skills, and problem solving capacity they need to realize their full potential.

At our Annual Girl Gala, girls and coaches are seated at every table. Girls run the evening program, which includes dinner, entertainment, a silent auction, the Change Agent Awards, the presentation of projects by the girls, and special guest Courtney Martin, an award-winning journalist and widely sought-after speaker on activism and feminism.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their children to share in the celebration of a year of programming and be inspired by our award recipients, other women in attendance, and our keynote speaker.

For each $1,000 donated, you can give one girl in the Bay Area 12-weeks of programming and a lifetime of possibilities.

Girls For A Change serves over 2,000 girls a year nationally! Please come meet some of the girls, coaches, and supporters. We welcome long-time supporters of GFC as well as new friends! You'll join with current and former girls in our program and volunteer coaches who will share their experiences at the table and immerse you and your friends as part of this celebration of girl power!

Please join us and learn more about what's happening for girls worldwide and show your support for girls at home. 

“Bust a Period Myth”

It's time to crush urban myths about vaginas and periods.Post a myth where your friends can see and show that you know the truth.  Every time you bust a myth, U by Kotex®  donate* $1 to Girls for a Change. #truthrules 

Vaginas and periods are nothing to be embarrassed about—help change the message for tweens and teens today by leaving a message. For every note, U by Kotex® will donate $1 to Girls for a Change up to $500K!  #teamubykotex

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A Letter from Girls For A Change New CEO: Angela W. Patton

Greetings all,

What a wonderful way to celebrate Labor Day, as the new CEO of Girls For A Change.  But I am constantly reminded that this is not a job (labor), this is my ‘spark’ (passion).  I thank the Board of Directors for this opportunity and for all the support, direction, and understanding they have provided me. I am fortunate to have come across quite a network of visionaries who are committed to working in a girls’ world. Their commitment inspires me every day to make sure that every girl has a chance to Dream Big and make a difference in the world for all.

At this time, I’d like to introduce myself to all the supporters and friends of Girls For A Change. I’m Angela Patton, founder of longtime GFC partner Camp Diva (see my bio for more background information), and I have now been serving as the new CEO of GFC for a few weeks. It is an honor to work with all of you, and lead Girls For A Change forward. In my joint capacities with Camp Diva and GFC (Richmond Program Manager for GFC) for the last four years, I have overseen the implementation of more efficient and diverse programs, and the development of new networks and audiences, and I look forward to my new role, which will allow me to further expedite these initiatives.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that Girls For A Change and Camp Diva will combine our shared vision and values for girls as we join forces to enrich and expand programs and services.  Separately, we are dynamic. Combined, we will be unimaginable.

While I have had the pleasure of spending some time with employees, supporters, and girls at GFC throughout the last four years as the GFC Richmond Regional Program Manager, I look forward to meeting more stakeholders from across the nation, and reconnecting with familiar colleagues as well. Since GFC Co-Founder and former CEO Whitney Smith announced her resignation and asked you to welcome me as the new leader of GFC, I have received many supportive emails from girls we have served, parents, colleagues, and allies, sharing words of encouragement and their aspirations to be and/or remain involved with GFC and/or Camp Diva as we move forward.  Thank you all for your encouragement, connection, and willingness to continue to support the organizations’ new endeavors.

I stand committed to building on the strong foundation laid by Whitney and the GFC team.  Furthermore, with the support of another new team member, Sandra Tripp, the new COO for GFC, we are excited and ready to lead the organization into a new phase of development, focusing on serving more girls, strengthening and developing relationships, building a programmatic and financial foundation, developing more resources, and utilizing more aggressive marketing strategies to ensure future sustainability.

With your support, I am sure we can continue to make a difference in the lives of girls, and in the effectiveness of GFC and Camp Diva, as we have in the past.  I invite you to join us by making a donation, volunteering your time, sharing your own vision, leveraging your network, or becoming a more effective activist in your own way. Your donations, large or small, and anyway you can become involved will be greatly appreciated!  And if you are new to one, or both of the organizations, I encourage you to read and learn about the wide range of services we offer girls at and

With best hope for the future,

Angela W. Patton
CEO, Girls For A Change

A message from Girls For A Change Co-Founder & CEO Whitney Smith

I am thrilled to announce that after 14 years at Girls For A Change, I will be leaving as full time CEO effective September 1st.

I am thrilled because I LOVE this organization and I am so confident that it is going to continue to be amazing after my departure.  I am also thrilled because I am READY. After 14 years of scintillating, powerful, challenging work I am ready to move onto my next chapter of life. There comes a time when you just know you are ready. And I am ready. The GFC National Board and I started working internally for this transition about 12 months ago to prepare for my departure and build a strong new leadership team.
I am overjoyed to announce the incoming CEO of Girls For A Change, Angela Patton. She has been with GFC for over 6 years in a number of capacities, most recently leading our Richmond GFC site. Angela has also stepped into a thought leader role at GFC with her National Work as a TED Speaker and as the founder of two amazing programs, Camp Diva & Date With Dad. In addition to getting Angela, GFC will get to bring on board these two amazing new programs that will expand our empowerment programs with a focus on African American Girls.
As many of you know a few months ago our treasured COO, Lori Fitzmaurice, headed to her new adventure.  We are happy to announce that joining Angela will be our new COO, Sandra Tripp. Sandra has been a strategist and futurist to several Fortune 500 companies and innovative nonprofit organizations. Previously she served as the Vice President of Strategic Planning for the Johnson & Johnson global pharmaceuticals business, a senior executive at Merck, Syntex Laboratories, and the Institute for the Future.
I look forward to supporting Angela, Sandra and the Board during the transition. I will also be on contract part time through the end of October to help with transition and in the coming months I will be representing Girls For A Change at SoCap and also at Opportunity Collaboration.
My future plans include continuing the consulting work I have done on the side during the last few years and spending time with my family. For those of you who don't know, my partner and I are adopting two children (a 6 year old son and a 2 year old daughter) who will become brother and sister to our 5 year old birth daughter, Lennon Grace. Our family has expanded this past year from 3 to 5 members; it is a time of great joy for us!
My consulting practice is Whit And Wisdom. I have a focus on helping Corporations, Social Ventures and Individuals achieve their goal of transforming the world. I have been working with corporations to develop pro-social campaigns and advising on product development and marketing strategy, assisting social ventures to achieve scale and generate revenue, and individuals grow in the leadership and strategy capacity. You can continue to find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email at
I love you all so much. The amount of gratitude I have for the amazing support I have received during my tenure with GFC is beyond my ability to communicate. I look forward to seeing many of you in the months to come and sharing with you future adventures in parenting and social change!
With an enormously full heart!
Whitney Smith
Founder and CEO
Girls For A Change
Twitter: @WhitneyHSmith

GFC Mexico Update

Executive Director Caroline Wilson sends this update on a recent visit to a elder care facility by one of our GJC Baja Sur programs.

The Gente Joven group from the school Telesecundaria #34, in the colonia of Lazaro, completed their project by visiting the Senior Center Casa del Dia, by the Los Cabos International Airport. They raised money by selling ice cream to buy goods for the elders and gave them out as raffle prizes. They played music, danced and most importantly made the abuelos and abuelas feel important, by giving back what was so freely given to them...LOVE. They will return once a month for the next 5 months.
Skyrise Real Estate Group Partners with GFC to Improve Girls' Lives

Through its "Moving On Up" Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Skyrise Real Estate Group is proud to partner with and provide Girls For A Change with 10% of the commission, after escrow has closed, from customers who indicate they were referred by Girls For A Change! If you are in the market to sell or buy, check out this amazing firm in Silicon Valley! Thank you to Jennifer and Ray Martinez, their staff, and customers for making girls lives better! Contact them and let them know you are part of GFC!



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Suite 700
Campbell, CA  95008
Get With Generation Know*

Girls For A Change (GFC) is proud to enter our fourth year partnering with U by Kotex® to empower girls to advance their vaginal wellness education and create social change in their communities through a program called Generation Know*. Generation Know* will be the first generation of girls with a real understanding of vaginal wellness, the first generation comfortable asking questions and gaining and spreading knowledge – and we need your help to get this movement going!  Read more about our partnership by clicking here and visit the U by Kotex® website for ways you and the girls in your life can get involved.
DONATE: Give to a Girl Locally, Give to a Girl Globally!

Please join Girls For A Change in making a difference around the corner or around the globe!

Support Girls For A Change today! YOU choose where you want to support girls:

USA (includes programming in Silicon Valley, CA, Richmond, VA, and Phoenix, AZ)


Internationally (includes programming in Tajikistan, Mexico, Rwanda, and Afghanistan)

Girls everywhere deserve a chance to be heard. Your donations will go to providing GFC's social change and empowerment training for girls all over the world. HELP US REACH A GOAL OF $20,000!

Smart Girls

Check out Amy Poehler's new YouTube channel, Smart Girls, and their new production, Girls of the World – click here to view!

Get in the Know* Virtual Workshop for Teen Girls!

In 2013 Girls for a Change is traveling across North America training thousands of girls on their health, busting myths about menstruation, and empowering teens to become social change leaders! We've been everywhere from Vancouver, Canada to NYC, and now we're taking our workshop to the web! On Thursday, March 21st, we did a livestream of our Get in the Know* workshop from San Francisco!

Watch the recorded virtual workshop!

{Generation Know* is a program that encourages young women to know their bodies, reject myths that impact their health, and inspires them to educate their peers. Once girls realize they don't have to be in the dark, they'll understand their collective power to redefine a new, confident, fearless ideal for the way every girl sees herself. Check out to find out more}

3rd Annual Girl Gala: Photos are available!

Thank you to all those that attended and supported the event. Please find photos from the event on our Facebook page.

An iOnPoverty conversation with Whitney Smith is the cure for the common career challenge. The idea for iOnPoverty came from students and young professionals who kept asking Jonathan Lewis, founder of MicroCredit Enterprises, about careers with conscience.

In this 5-part series, iOnPoverty has a conversation with Whitney Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Girls for a Change.

Click here to watch the series.

Checking out this amazing micro-documentary from Microsoft about Girls For A Change!