Girls for a Change

Coach Fellowship!

GFAC Girl Action Team Coach Fellowship!

Coach Fellowship: Girls For A Change seeks motivated, dynamic individuals with youth experience to coach Girl Action teams in their Silicon Valley site. Working in close partnership with a GFAC Program staff, Coach Fellows will be paired with another fellow to guide a team of girls in the completion of a social change project. The fellowship is from January through May requiring 30-35 hours per month.

The GFAC program includes teaching personal development skills, youth development work and guiding girls through the creation and implementation of a social change project. The Coach Fellowship position also requires a commitment to completing several evaluation elements such as survey completion, rubric completion, weekly reporting and more. Coach Fellows will closely manage records and ensure all evaluation goals are being met. GFAC provides training and support.

Applicants should be passionate about youth development, women’s leadership and/ or social change. This position is ideal for a passionate, fast-moving, adaptable and ambitious professional who has the ability to work independently and on a team. Hours include nights and weekends.

Key Responsibilities:
  1. Read the Coach Toolbox, including coach responsibilities, GFAC Volunteer Policies and GFAC Emergency Procedures
  2. Review GFAC online resources and Coaching Videos
  3. Manage all administrative duties of teams such as attendance paperwork, permission slips, etc.
  4. Complete evaluation processes in a timely manner – includes surveys, rubrics, video diaries and weekly surveys on team progress.
  5. Attend Coach Orientation Sessions and three other training sessions throughout the year.
  6. Establish a regular meeting schedule, time, location and format. Coaches should coordinate with the girls to decide on an ideal meeting schedule, time and location. Regularly invite girls to meetings and have consistent meetings once a week. Teams must meet a minimum of 14 times for 1.5 hours throughout the program year.
  7. Manage the scheduling and girl attendance of two evaluation meetings outside of regular team meetings
  8. Carefully plan and implement the GFAC curriculum at GFAC team meetings once/ week from January through May
  9. Support the GFAC mission and vision
  10. Support the growth and development of girls on the team by creating a safe space.
  11. Be willing to grow and develop as a Coach
  12. Communicate regularly with GFAC staff
  13. Network with parents/guardians and schools to establish cooperation and support for your team’s work. This includes creating community for girls by communicating with adults in the girls’ lives about the progress they are making in GFAC.
  14. Form connections with your team. Get to know each girl and your co-coach individually and understand her background and where Girls For A Change fits into her life. This will help with retention and successfully building a team.
Contact Ashlee Miller, National Program Director, at for more information.